A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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Full Symmetron products catalog

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Hot water consumption monitoring equipment Via Stylitis-10, the versatile datalogger by Symmetron, suitable for a wide variety of applications, monitor the water network of your professional building.

Monitor the incoming water flow in your water circulation pump and the returning flow. Their difference is the consumption. Moreover, measure the water temperature at the input and at the return, in order to monitor the heat loss, therefore the energy loss, due to the hot water usage. Moreover, measure the time your oil burner operates, as a backup heating method.

Via statistics, as of below, draw useful conclusions, such as: "Which hours of the day, do you detect the greatest consumption and heat loss?".

Stats of incoming/ outgoing flow and temperature per hour of the day

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For a detailed presentation about the benefits you can obtain from the analytical monitoring of hot water consumption, click here.

For a detailed presentation on the detailed monitoring of electrical energy consumption and the benefits you can obtain, click here.

Flow and pressure measurement on urban water networks

Stylitis-20, the water measurements datalogger by Symmetron, record water flow and pressure on urban water networks.

- Thanks to its water resistance, it is suitable for permanent installation in water shafts.

- No external power supply is needed. It can be supplied via non-rechargeable, Dsize, 3.6V Lithium cells, with long lifespan (typical 5 years).

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