A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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Free user friendly operating software for Symmetron’s Stylitis data loggers Opton 4 is the operating software for all Stylitis dataloggers, which replaces old Opton and Stylitis Explorer.

Its unique features are:

- Global review of all sites and connections. Review site weather and position on map, sites with messages needing action, last connection and download and categorize your sites in groups and projects

- Easier datalogger programming. The logger's setup is easily handled, either manually, or by selecting a specific sensor from Opton's sensor library. In this case, links with the sensor's datasheet and manufacturer appear, along with instructions how to connect it to the logger.

- More downloading options. Besides downloading from the logger's internal memory, you may also download the logger's Compact Flash or SD Card directory and select specific files to download. You may also read the entire card via a Compact Flash or SD card reader.

- Site Messages, which appear in the site after downloading the logger's status. From the most to the least urgent ones, they are characterized as Critical (Error), Warnings and Info ones.

- Site files organization. You may add filters by file start and end date, file type, etc, in order for only specific files to appear in the site's file list. Moreover, files can appear as ordered, ie a compressed file and its corresponding decompressed data file form a group.

- Offline data file management tools: Data file integrity check, plot and statistics (Min, Max, Avg, Sdv, Var, Sum) per Year, Month, Day, Hour, Bin.

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Free automation operation software for Stylitis dataloggers AutoConnect is a software which automates connections and tasks with Stylitis dataloggers, for all your sites.

Its most important features are:

- Connections scheduling. Schedule each connection to be achieved at one or more weekdays or even many times a day.

- Tasks during the auto connection: Besides downloading data, other tasks which may be selected are: read instant channel values, read datalogger status and update a web database (Captum), with the channel values.

- Mass editing of all your connections. The same connections which are available for editing one-by-one at Opton 4, are available all together, in a user friendly interface. All the διαθέσιμες όλες μαζί σε ένα εύχρηστο interface. All the connection types are supported: Serial(RS-232), viaGSM/GPRS and via LAN/Ethernet

- Real-time window. Overview your connections in real time. View: Date and time of last connection and last data download, time of scheduled connection and connection status, ie if it succeeded or the reason why it failed.

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In order to download the software, click here

Measurement data base on the web Measurement data base on the web

Symmetron Captum is a free service presenting Stylitis datalogger measurement data on the World Wide Web.

It is easy to setup a web page presenting real-time and historical datalogger measurements, in table or graph form, using Captum. It also produces measurement statistics.

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Switch to low cost, online GPRS telemetry Switch to low cost, online GPRS telemetry

Activate online GPRS connections between remote stations and office. Change charge model from time-based to volume-based, via Symmetron Diameson server.

• Diameson is compatible with Stylitis dataloggers and software.
• GPRS modems work with low-cost, dynamic IP, SIM cards.
• Diameson may run on customer’s server.
• Diameson is also available as a Symmetron service: See Services.

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