A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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Control RS-232 devices anywhere via GPRS Control RS-232 devices anywhere via GPRS

Communicate with remote RS-232 devices, like they were attached to your computer's local COM port.
It is possible, using the incredibly versatile Symonet modem, by Symmetron, in 4 steps:

1. Put a low-cost, GPRS-enabled SIM card in a Symonet modem.
2. With the free SymonetCOM software, configure a connection using the SIM provider settings.
3. Attach up to 3, RS-232 devices to the Symonet modem.
4. Use the SymonetCOM connection you created to access the remote RS-232 device.

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Virtual Wireless RS-485 network via GPRS Virtual Wireless RS-485 network via GPRS

Now you can create a multiple Symonet network, creating a virtual wireless RS-485 network via GPRS, using public Diameson server by Symmetron.
Each serial device is equipped with a Symonet modem. Sent data of one Serial device (Master) are transmitted to all the other devices (Slaves). Moreover, a network user will be able to communicate with a specific Sym-o-net and monitor the data sent by all network Sym-o-nets.

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Measurement data base on the web Measurement data base on the web

Symmetron Captum is a free service presenting Stylitis datalogger measurement data on the World Wide Web.

It is easy to setup a web page presenting real-time and historical datalogger measurements, in table or graph form, using Captum. It also produces measurement statistics.

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Switch to low cost, online GPRS telemetry Switch to low cost, online GPRS telemetry

Activate online GPRS connections between remote stations and office. Change charge model from time-based to volume-based, via Symmetron Diameson server.

• Diameson is compatible with Stylitis dataloggers and software.
• GPRS modems work with low-cost, dynamic IP, SIM cards.
• Diameson may run on customerós server.
• Diameson is also available as a Symmetron service: See Services.

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Communication methods with measuring stations Telemetry with remote stations

Installation monitoring is key to successful measurement station operation and maintenance. To cover all needs, a variety of communication methods between a user and the measurement station are available:

- Broadband ADSL connections.
- Traditional GSM phone calls (modem to modem).
- Online GPRS connections.
- Data emailing.
- SMS data messaging.
- SMS alarms.
- Radio modem connections.

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