A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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Full Symmetron products catalog

For a full presentation of our main products, click here to download our full line catalog in PDF form.

Electrical energy monitoring and management systems

Suni Monitor your electric consumptions simultaneously: Kitchen, Air Condition Units, Elevators, etc

Symmetron offers:
- A portable, lightweight system, easy to install in the electric panel. For more information, click here
- A system, which is suitable for permanent installation in an electric panel's DIN rail. For more information, click here

Optional telemetry, alarms and data emails via GSM/GPRS/LAN/internet

Unique electrical energy auditing and monitoring instrument

Most versatile instrument for professionals, such as energy auditors, engineers, technicians, etc

Symmetron's Stylitis-Power datalogger measures and records multiple consumptions in the electric panel of a building, industrial unit, hotel, commercial center, hospital, etc.


- Measure simultaneously up to 10x 3-phase (+neutral) or 40x 1-phase lines: Voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power and energy

- Record data for years, in internal memory or removable microSD memory card.

- Record and analyze transients, at storage rates up to 2 Hz.

- Communicate with the data logger and retrieve data using: Ethernet/ Internet, GSM/GPRS and RS-232/USB.

- NEW: simultaneously record two PT100 probes, for correlating energy with ambient temperature, transformer losses, etc.

- Portable and self-contained. Suitable for temporary or permanent installation.

- Easy installation, without interrupting the installation's operation, by using split-core Current Transformers.

- Advanced management and presentation Opton4 software included free. Generates trends, statistics and Excel outputs.

For more information, brochures, presentations and manuals, click here

Why is it necessary to monitor your consumptions for energy saving? Problematic consumption example

Voltage dips and increases (peaks) in the consumption

Reduce your electrical energy consumption in your professional building, by monitoring your consumptions. You may receive the results of the measurement analysis, as a service or buy the measuring equipment.

Stats consumption per hour of the day

For more information concerning the multiple benefits you can obtain from the analytical monitoring of your individual loads, click

For a detailed presentation on the detailed monitoring of energy consumption and the benefits you can obtain, click here.

For a detailed presentation to the benefits you can obtain from the analytical monitoring of hot water consumption, click here.

Electrical mesurements in substations

Now you can monitor electrical values on up to 10 incoming and outgoing AC, 3-phase lines with one portable instrument. The unique Symmetron Stylitis-Power offers statistics and comparisons to help you analyze power consumption in buildings, substations, hotels, industrial locations, etc. Isolate your consumptions and save energy.

For each phase of each line, it can measure: Voltage, current, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power and energy.

Communication methods:
- Via Ethernet (LAN/internet)
- Serially (RS-232)
- Via GSM/GPRS, via a built-in modem (optionally)

For more information, manuals and brochures for Stylitis-Power, click here.

Download a short presentation of the datalogger by clicking here.

Download a full presentation of the datalogger by clicking here.



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