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#40 to TTL interface

Price: CALL €
Manufacturer: NRG Systems
Code: 003.000.1004

Converts the low level AC sine-wave signal from the NRG #40 anemometer sensor to a high level square wave signal at the same frequency.

- Input signal: low level AC sine wave, 80 mV peak-to-peak minimum
- Input range: 0 Hz to 200 Hz
- Output signal: high level square wave
- Push-pull (no external pull up resistor required)
- TTL / CMOS compatible (depending on supply voltage)
- Transfer function: output signal follows input frequency
- Recommended load resistance: 1 kΩ minimum (5 mA load current maximum)
- Output signal amplitude: equal to supply voltage
- Supply voltage: 3 V DC to 15 V DC
- Internal power storage capacitor gives approx. 13 seconds run time with power off, when operating from a 5 V pulsed supply and with no load on the output
- Supply current: 15 µA
- Operating temperature range: -40 °C to 70 °C



#40 to TTL interface Brochure


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