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Wind energy assessment system for medium power wind turbines (measurement at 3 heights)

Price: CALL €
Manufacturer: SYMMETRON

• Measure wind speed and direction at 3 heights

The system includes:
- Data logger: Stylitis-41 by SYMMETRON.
- Anemometers: Click here to select the appropriate sensor for you from our list.
- Wind vane(s): Click here to select the appropriate sensor for you from our list.
- Optional 30m met mast: Click here to view our list of heavy duty and lattice masts.

• Optionally, you may also measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, rain height, etc

Specifically, use:
- External Temperature sensor: THERMOS by SYMMETRON
- External Humidity sensor: YGRO by SYMMETRON
- External Temperature-Humidity sensor: THYGRO by SYMMETRON
- Barometer: BARON by SYMMETRON
- Rain Gauge: click here to select a rain gauge from our list.
- Mast tilt sensor: If you wish to monitor your met mast's tilt (elevation angle) as well, you may use Tiltometerby SYMMETRON, which measures elevation and azimuth angles.
NOTE: Stylitis-41 features 3 counter and 4 analog channels, ie it can support up to 3 anemometers and rain gauges (2+1 or 3 anemometers only, etc) and up to 4 other (analog) sensors. If you wish for more measurements, you may use Stylitis-101 data logger, which features 6 counters (for anemometers and rain gauges) and 18 analog channels

Open System: Our data loggers are compatible with sensors of most vendors
If you cannot find the sensors you need, ask us for a quote.

• Optional telemetry via GSM/GPRS/LAN/internet. Moreover, receive encrypted data emails and send and retrieve your data from a web database

- Specifically, the data logger may cooperate with an external GSM/GPRS modem or a Serial-to-Ethernet adaptor. Specifically, Symmetron Sym-o-net modem allows GPRS connections to the logger, via dynamic IP or static IP SIM cards.
- Besides remote communication and data download, Stylitis-41, via Sym-o-net modem, also features automated operations:
1. Encrypted data Emails (according to the loggers password) to one or more recipients, from once an hour to once a day.
2. Data are sent to a web database. Data and alarms graphs and statistics are available, while the data can be retrieved by developers, in form of an xml file.

• Operation Software, suitable for Manual or Automatic communication and data download, with offline data management tools as well

Specifically, Opton 4 operating software features:
- Global data logger sites (represented by windows folders) and connections management
- Operation grouping in user friendly tabs and single-click selection of most operations
- Easy channel setup, in table or tree form, either manually or via sensor library.
- Offline data file management: check data files integrity and get data graphs and statistics per hour, day, month, etc.
- Info, warning and critical messages, concerning the datalogger's operation.

On the other hand, AutoConnect automatic operation software features:
- Unattended operation: Automatic downloading, decompressing and archiving.
- Supports Data File downloading, Status downloading, Instant Values downloading, and Web Database updating.
- Different automatic operations can be performed once or more times a week, once or more times a day
- Optional automatic emailing of downloaded files to third-party recipients.


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