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Portable, lightweight, easy to install electric consumptions monitoring system

Price: CALL €
Manufacturer: SYMMETRON

• Monitor your electric consumptions simultaneously: Kitchen, Air Condition Units, Elevators, etc, via a portable, lightweight, easy to install data logger

Stylitis-Power data logger by SYMMETRON is suitable for temporary or permanent installation in your electric panel. Thanks to the split-core Current transformers it uses, it is easy to install in your electric panel, without interrupting the installation's operation.
You may monitor simultaneously up to 10x 3-phase (+neutral) or 40x 1-phase lines.
The measurements conducted for each phase are: Active, reactive and apparent power and energy, voltage, current, frequency, power factor.
Besides the data logger, the only additional equipment is one Current Transformer per phase.
As mentioned, use split-core Current Transformers (the only additional equipment you will need). You may use per 3-phase line:
- 4 CTs: Monitor 3-phases+neutral
- 3 CTs: Monitor 3-phases and calculate the neutralós current
- 3 CTs: If you do not monitor the neutral
- 2 CTs: If you do not monitor the neutral, and monitor L1, L2, while L3ós current is calculated

Record and analyze transients, at storage rates up to 2 Hz.

• Get data graphs and statistics to locate the energy intensive loads

You may find unexpectedly intensive loads or great consumption at unexpected times

In the hotel example above, the energy statistics per day show an unexpected peak of the air-conditioning consumption, and that the greatest part of the hotelós consumption is the remaining ones (the ones that were not monitored!) Get statistics per hour of the day, as well, in order to have an even clearer image.
Therefore, monitoring leads to 2 simple actions:
- Re-assess how the air-conditioning units work. Maybe the air-conditioning units and the pumps are operating in large groups, according to the needs. Instead of them operating, e.g. in 2 groups of 3, (3 or 6 are operating), they could be added one by one and 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 or 6 units can operate.
- Monitor the remaining loads as well. Maybe some loads which were expected to have a low consumption (such as lighting) need to be monitored independently.

For a detailed presentation on the detailed monitoring of energy consumption and the benefits you can obtain, click here.

• Telemetry via GSM/GPRS/LAN/internet. Moreover, receive daily data emails

- Specifically, the data logger includes built-in remote communication modules : a standard Ethernet module and an optional GSM/GPRS modem
- Besides remote communication and data download, Stylitis-Power may also send you one data Email every day.

• Operation Software, suitable for Manual or Automatic communication and data download, with offline data management tools as well

Specifically, Opton 4 operating software features:
- Global data logger sites (represented by windows folders) and connections management
- Operation grouping in user friendly tabs and single-click selection of most operations
- Easy channel setup, in table or tree form, either manually or via sensor library.
- Offline data file management: check data files integrity and get data graphs and statistics per hour, day, month, etc.
- Info, warning and critical messages, concerning the datalogger's operation.

On the other hand, AutoConnect automatic operation software features:
- Unattended operation: Automatic downloading, decompressing and archiving.
- Supports Data File downloading, Status downloading, Instant Values downloading, and Web Database updating.
- Different automatic operations can be performed once or more times a week, once or more times a day
- Optional automatic emailing of downloaded files to third-party recipients.




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