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Wind data analysis software

Download a FREE fully operating LITE version suitable for analyzing data for up to 30 days.

WindRose is a software tool dedicated to the analysis of wind characteristics (speed, direction, turbulence, temperature). It is not a standalone program, but an Add-In to the Microsoft Excel® 2000/XP, for the Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP operating systems. The results of the analysis are stored graphically and numerically into spreadsheets, which can be further used as ordinary Excel files.

The program is designed to provide all the results of the data analysis, in a customizable form to meet any particular needs. Thus, the user can rearrange all the graphs, resize them, change their colours, copy or link them to other sheets or programs (i.e.: embedded links to Microsoft Word® document), create new tables using the numerical results, etc.

Data analysis complies with the requirements imposed by the IEC and MEASNET standards.

Main features

- It performs complete statistical analysis of the wind data, including Weibull distribution constants (per direction sector and global), turbulence intensity evaluation and polar plots (wind roses) of the time and energy distribution of the wind.

- It correlates data from two sites calculating correlation coefficients globally and per ranges of wind speed and direction. As a result, it provides the predicted time-series for the missing data of a site, based on the other site’s complete set of data (MCP method).

- It has a user configurable time step (10 minutes, 1 hour, etc) and it is able to analyse huge data sets (limited only by the available computer memory).

- A dozen of power-curves from a variety of wind turbines are included, providing an estimation of the expected energy production.

- In case of measurements with systematic errors, a linear correction can be applied for all the measured quantities and separately for each file.

- It includes 3 methods for the air-density correction (due to the site elevation height and to the temperature), which is critical for the correct calculation of the wind energy.

- It produces monthly charts and tables with the per hour variation of wind speed, wind direction, expected wind turbine’s power, temperature and solar radiation.

How it works

WindRose reads ASCII files containing columns of data, an output format supported by the majority of dataloggers. Five columns of data are necessary for the program to run: wind speed, wind direction, standard deviation of the wind speed, time and date. Several formats are supported when dealing with date and time. Whenever temperature and/or solar radiation are recorded, then the appropriate analysis is performed.