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Importance of analytically monitoring your consumptions during full operation period for energy saving

Problematic consumption example

Voltage dips and increases (peaks) in the consumption

Today energy has come to be the greatest cost of a business. Therefore, any intervention to reduce electricity consumption is significant.

The total electricity bill is not leading you in right energy saving interventions, because it only shows the total energy consumption and not the one of the individual loads separately (kitchen, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.), or when large consumptions occurred. Moreover, monitoring has meaning during periods of full operation of your business, because then high consumptions are detected, in which you can intervene. Therefore, with continuous monitoring, you can export useful conclusions about the consumption of each device.
Symmetron company, offers the following solutions:
• Either receive the results of the analysis of monitoring data from Symmetron, as a service.
• Or buy the equipment for permanent installation and monitor your consumptions yourself .
In any case, the installation of the equipment is easy, on the same day, and does not require a power outage. We also offer ongoing technical support to you or to the engineers with whom you cooperate.

What benefits can be gained from monitoring your consumptions during the period of your business's full operation?

By continuously monitoring the overall energy consumption and the individual loads separately, you can extract useful conclusions and obtain multiple benefits, including:
1. Limit the number of simultaneous consumptions. If you exceed the maximum power limit, you are charged extra. Locate when this happens and change the operation mode of your loads.
2. Same type devices with the same settings (eg two identical pumps) consume different amounts of energy. Locate which consume more than expected, and repair or replace them.
3. Discover unexpected or unnecessary consumptions. For example, how much do your permanent "small" consumptions burden the bill, such as the permanent lighting of some sites?
4. How well do your automated functions work (like boilers, circulators, pumps, etc.) and how much do they consume?
5. Investigate individual loads and correct the power factor.
6. If you are entitled to a reduced / night tariff, locate intensive procedures and transfer them to those times. The non-use of a reduced charge can also burden your daily fee as well, via fixed charges.
7. Compare your activities with the consumption stats per to time of the day, day of the month, week or season.

Stats consumption per hour of the day

8. Monitor the consumption of the same devices with different operating modes. For example, it is advantageous to operate the washing machine while it is full or half full? Which is the relation between performance and consumption?
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Email: info@symmetron.gr

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