A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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Product customizing services

Many of our hardware and software products can be customized according to customer needs.

For any questions please contact us.

Calibration services

Instrument calibration certificates according to ISO 17025 may be issued for most sensors.
For demanding applications, all anemometers may be calibrated to MEASNET standards.

NRG #40C anemometers come with an ISO 17025 calibration certificate.

Symmetron dataloggers come with a ISO 9001 factory calibration certificate.
Datalogger certificates for all new or serviced dataloggers are available free since 2001.

Symmetron's VeriVane system allows wind vane testing and calibration in your office.
Symmetron can also deliver wind vane calibration certificates to ISO 9001.

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A free service to present Stylitis datalogger measurement data on the World Wide Web.

It is easy to setup a web page presenting real-time and historical datalogger measurements using Captum.

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A Windows server application, which allows connections between GPRS clients.

Diameson is designed for use with Symmetron dataloggers and software.

• Stylitis-41 via Symonet modem.
• Stylitis-101 via Symonet modem.
• Stylitis-10+GSM.
• Stylitis-Power.
• Stylitis-50.

• Tunnel server allows on-line connections between users and dataloggers via any GPRS network service.
• GPRS modems work with low-cost, dynamic IP, SIM cards.
• Diameson may run on customerós server.
• Devices may be connected on Symmetronós own Diameson server.

For additional information download the brochure.