A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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About us

Symmetron was founded in 1989 by experienced engineers and evolved as a manufacturer of dataloggers and supplier of measurement equipment.

During the years, the company has developed electronic design expertise in areas such as:

- Analog and digital techniques.
- Embedded design and programming.
- Software development.
- Sensor signal conditioning.
- GSM, GPRS, Email, SMS and RF modem telemetry.
- Safe Flash memory data storage techniques.
- Non-stop operation in extreme environmental conditions.

Symmetron products find applications in:

- Wind energy assessment.
- Solar energy measurements.
- Water pipe management.
- Electrical energy measurements.
- General data acquisition and remote control.

With thousands of measurement systems deployed worldwide, clients include businesses, organizations and universities.

The company has also participated in several development programs with universities and other organizations. These range from a hybrid small grid simulator to fast photon pulsers for scientific experiments.

Symmetron is certified to the ISO9001 quality system.


Online GPRS telemetry using low-cost, dynamic IP SIM cards.
See Diameson server.

Modem for creating virtual RS-232 and RS-485 connections via the GPRS network. See Sym-o-net.

Solar data recording and telemetry via email, SMS, GPRS and GSM.
See Stylitis-10 datalogger.

Wind measurement data acquisition and telemetry via email, SMS, GPRS and GSM.
See Stylitis-50 datalogger.

Electrical quantities data acquisition (power, voltage, energy, etc.) for up to 10 incoming/outgoing 3-phase lines in substations and telemetry via GPRS and GSM.
See Stylitis-Power datalogger.

Measurements data presentation in large-screen displays.
See Apeicon.

Temperature/ Humidity Sensors


Barometric Pressure Sensors


Anemometer/ Wind Vane Signal Converters


Wind vane verification and calibration


Position and Tilt sensors


Pyranometer Signal Converters